Spring 2015 Conference: We Put the "M" in STEM!

May 29, 2015 at Frederick Community College


Spring 2015 MMATYC Conference Program
Spring 2015 MMATYC Conference Schedule


Session 1A: Bringing Math to Life with Desmos Graphing Calculator
Steven Fairgrieve, ACM

Session 1C: Bringing Statistics to Life
Erum Marfani, FCC

Session 2A: Computer Visualizations for College-Level Mathematics
Robert Kuhar, CCBC, and Elaine Jadacki, BCCC

Session 3A: Air-travel Itinerary Shares: Relevant Factors & Competition Dynamics
Dr. Gregory Coldren, FCC

Spring 2014 Conference: Open Educational Resources

May 30, 2014 at Frederick Community College



Keynote Address: Mathemagic with a Deck of Cards
"Card Colm" Mulcahy

Session 1A: Quadratic Models for the Path of a Hurricane
Hurricanes Student Packet
Mathematical Models for Grace
Tropical Storm Grace Figure 1
Wind Radii

Unknown Presenter

Session 1B: Giving Your Students the Slight Edge
Sarah Miller, CCBC

Session 1D: Take It to the Limit
Take It to the Limit
Take It to the Limit 2
Delta Epsilon
Link to calculus-help.com

Loretta Tokoly and Mike Long, HCC

Session 2A: IZZO Math
Larry Huff and Evan Evans, FCC

Session 2C: A 2nd Chance at Developmental Mathematics
Scott Saunders, BCCC

Session 2D: ALEKS
Megan Speranza, McGraw Hill and Kelly Jackson, CCCC

Session 3A: Vocabulary COUNTS in Mathematics!
Vocabulary Handout
Dr. Amber Rust, AACC

Session 3C: Chaos and the Chua Circuit
Dina Yagodich, FCC